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The funny thing is, it actually works.

House Training

Does your dog rule the house? Soil on the carpet? Steal your belongings? The world is his chew toy?


What if your dog asked to go outside, retrieved your lost keys and behaved politely in front of company? Let's make that a reality.

Escape Artist Extraordinaire?

Do you have a door dasher? Does your dog run wild while you holler after him? 


What if your dog came the first time every time? The reality is closer than you think and a LOT more fun than you expect! Recall games are fun and practical. This could be life saving.

Fearful Fido?

Does your dog cower and hide from guests? Run away and barks at the vacuum? Leap sideways if you bang a pot? 


Teach your dog that those terrifying noises really aren't that bad. I couldn't imagine living in their stressed out world. It is possible to learn to be calm.

Can you walk through the park?

Do you dread opening your front door with your dog on leash? Does your dog get stuck at home during family outings because of their behaviour? 


Stress free walking is closer than you think, and no it does NOT involve any painful prodding or corrections! No need to spell w.a.l.k. anymore, say "Walk" and have your dog bring his leash to you!


Does your dog have a voice? Everything and anything sets your furry friend into a barking frenzy?


What if your could watch dogs on TV with your dog laying calmly beside you? The neighbour walking their dog past is greeted with a wagging tail and calm demeanor at the window? A peaceful quiet (well at least your canines contribution) is possible.

Do you just want to do more stuff with your dog?

What is your dream dog? Do you enjoy long walks on the beach? (location dependent) Want to sit outside the local coffee shop with your dog lying calmly next to you? Or how about long off-leash walks in the country side? What are you waiting for?

Find the right training option for you

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