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Niki Perrin, KPA CTP

Graduating the Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Professional (KPA CTP) course gave me the tools and confidence to finally branch out on my own, enabling me to design custom training plans based on the most recent scientific methods. I am currently continuing my education by working towards a CPDT-KA designation as well as CTDI.

Coming from a rescue background I was shown the 'Cesar' and 'Alpha Dog' training methods and was on the front line witnessing the damage and distrust these methods caused. I began attending classes with amazing positive force-free trainers, learning the importance of building a foundation of trust and respect and how quickly seemingly complex behaviours could be learned. I began teaching other foster homes what I had learned and eventually became a trainer for Petsmart, achieving their accreditation. I wanted to learn more and advanced to Behaviour Specialist and Trainer for the Edmonton Humane Society. Today I am eager to help dog owners live better lives with their canine companions.

Dropping the puck at an Oil Kings game on behalf of Infinite Woofs Animal

Rescue Society!


This amazing girl has been at my side from the very beginning of my journey, she has taught me more than any course ever could. She has raised abandoned puppies, shown fearful dogs that humans aren't all terrible and been at my side through many hours of group classes, showing dog owners what their pet can achieve.


This girl was a stray puppy who was saved by the North West Territories SPCA and became my foster through Infinite Woofs Animal Rescue Society. She has taught me the value of medical care in conjunction with training. Mya was a very sick puppy with every allergy a dog can have. Through holistic and traditional care Mya is now in impeccable health and well on her way to becoming a valuable member of society.


The newest Keen Canine, Tasha stole my heart during my time with the Edmonton Humane Society. She's still settling in and I cannot wait to learn more about her. This little girl has a lot to offer and you'll be seeing a lot more of her soon!

Keen Kitties

Martin & Primrose

These two are the definition of fur-babies. They have taught me how to keep training creative and new because otherwise they would rather magpie watch out the window! Becoming seniors they still help with the rehabilitation of foster dogs by being calm confident cats who have taught even the most obsessive dogs that life with cats can be harmonious.

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